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Free Tuition Drawing


Attention All CCS Parents!!

The 2022 CCS Fall Festival Auction will be held on October 28, 2022, and the CCS PTSF is giving away one month of tuition to a generous family!

Here is what you need to do to be entered for this prize:

  • Purchase or procure an item or service for the auction worth $25, $50, $100+.
  • Bring the item or certificate for service in the PTSF room with your name (and receipt if donating an item) attached by Monday, October 17th.
  • Your name will be placed in a drawing for the tuition.
  • On the night of the Fall Festival, we will announce the winner.
  • The winner will receive a month of free CCS tuition for one child!!


The higher priced your item is, the better chance you have to win, so think BIG!!

  • $25-$49 item = your name entered into the drawing one time.
  • $50-$99 item = your name entered into the drawing two times.
  • $100 = your name entered into the drawing FIVE times and so on! 



  • All items must be NEW with tags attached when available.
  • All items must be accompanied with a receipt of the purchase price unless handmade.
  • All items must be accompanied with the purchaser’s name. (Note: free tuition may be donated to student of your choice (ex.-grandchild, nephew/niece, sibling, etc.)
  • All items must be turned in by Monday, October 17th.
  • You may submit more than one item to total your amount (ex. Basket of items, kitchen items, Sooner Fan basket, kid’s toy basket, etc.)
  • All items should be desirable in an auction atmosphere. (Electronics, Decorative, OU memorabilia, Travel, etc.)
  • Services are also counted. If you own or work for a business that provides a service, just bring in a gift certificate. (i.e., Travel, Salon, Attorney, Accountant)

**Any items donated that do not meet the criteria will not qualify for the drawing. However, the items will be appreciated for the auction.

If you have questions please contact: PTSF Auction Committee at ccsptsf@ccsroyals.com.

CCS Fall Festival

Let us know what you plan to donate to the Auction!

Email the PTSF at ccsptsf@ccsroyals.com and let us know what you plan to donate!